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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Keep Your Kids Busy Over The Winter Break

 8 Activities to Keep Your Kids Busy Over The Winter Break

Two weeks can be a long time for children to be without the daily school schedule, and it probably won't be long before you start hearing the "I'm bored" blues. Here is a list of ideas to occupy your children each day while they are out of school.
  1. Visit the Greensboro Children's Museum. The museum offers cooking classes, Explore-a-Tours, and more throughout the week.
  2. Plan a classic movie marathon at home, head off to the local cinema for an afternoon matinee or take in a classic film at the Carolina Theatre in downtown Greensboro.
  3. Get crafty! Learn how to create something out of the ordinary that will inspire creativity and imagination. Age-appropriate magic kits, chemistry sets, jewelry making kits, weaving looms, building sets, rock growing kits, and especially books received as holiday gifts can help you get started. You and your children can learn how to:
    1. Cut paper snowflakes or make colorful decals for the windows
    2. Make new crayons or candles from old broken crayons
    3. Bake granola from scratch or cook a pot of homemade soup
    4. Make soap from a melt-and-pour kit from the craft store
  4. Play board games and/or card games. Children ages 4 and up love to play Sorry!, Candy Land, Old Maid, Go Fish, and Memory, just to name a few
  5. Plan a small vegetable garden for the spring or plant a winter window herb garden. Seeds for a vegetable garden will need to be started in January or February so you'll need to gather seeds, seed starter, and peat pots. The kids will love growing, harvesting, and eating their own food.
  6. Volunteer several hours at the local homeless shelter or soup kitchen. Helping others in need can give you and your children a sense of value for what you have as well as the sense of well-being for giving of yourselves.
  7. Gather up clothing items and toys that are no longer used and donate them to a charitable organization - or place them in storage for a future yard sale.
  8. Read at least a chapter or two from a book each day or evening in lieu of watching TV. Charlotte's Web, Tom Sawyer or Huckleberry Finn, and The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe will get your children's minds focused on listening, will help them relax and unwind just as it does you, and get their imaginations flowing.
There's nothing more important than spending time with your children while doing something besides watching television. Such activities create memories that will be remembered forever.

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