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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Flu Vaccinations Greensboro

Flu Vaccinations

The Importance of Getting the Flu Vaccine for Your Child

The flu season is upon us. Are your children vaccinated against the flu?

Influenza is commonly mistaken as a stomach or intestinal virus. Don’t be confused. Influenza is an illness that spreads throughout the upper respiratory system and can cause complications such ear infections, sinus infections (sinusitis), bronchitis, and even pneumonia. In children 6 months and older, it is important to be vaccinated against the flu to prevent illness and any accompanying complications. Children younger than 6 months of age cannot be vaccinated making it all the more important for older family members, caregivers, and health care providers of infants to be vaccinated against the flu.

The flu and complications are much harder for children (regardless of age) who already suffer from heart disease, AIDS or HIV, neurological disorders, kidney or liver disorders, asthma, diabetes, lung disease, cancer, and blood disorders. It is extremely important that these children be vaccinated against the flu each year as early as possible or as soon as the vaccine is released.

Each year, studies reveal which flu strains are likely to be the most prolific and vaccines are prepared with those studies in mind. When vaccines are released you need to be prepared to take your children to the pediatrician to be vaccinated. Children aged 6 months to 8 years old may require two doses of the vaccine. Only your pediatrician will know for sure.

It’s time to have your children vaccinated against the flu. Contact your Greensboro pediatrician at Northwest Pediatrics at 336-605-0190 to check availability, and to schedule an appointment.

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