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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Is it Time for Homework Already?!?!?!?!

     It’s that time of year again! School is just around the corner and everyone is getting ready for the first day back. With all the excitement of getting new book-bags and reuniting with school friends, everyone is trying to avoid the thought of dreaded homework. No one likes it and I would dare say that parents dread it just as much, if not more! Between kids procrastinating and parents stressing that it gets complete, a homework assignment can be the start of a war. So, in an effort to prevent any family disputes we have put together a few helpful hints to make homework a breeze.

     Location, location, location! Where a child does his/her homework can be the key to how well the task is accomplished. It is vital to have a designated place where homework can be completed. It can be the family desk or the kitchen table. What’s important is that it is a quiet place that doesn’t provide any sort of distractions. Avoid places that have bad lighting or places too close to a television or video games. Create a positive thinking environment where your child’s attention can be directly focused on homework.

     Many parents feel that homework should be completed as soon as a child gets home from school, while the information is fresh on the child’s mind. As perfect as that concept seems, there may be some fault in that theory. Some children may benefit from playing and running off some energy before sitting down to do homework. It is important to remember that your child has been in class all day and may need a break to regain focus. For some children a set time is too constraining and they benefit from having stipulations set. For example a child must complete his/her homework before they can be allowed to play video games that way the child has the independence to decide the priority of homework.  Perhaps a healthy snack is also in order to help provide some much needed brain fuel.

     Another important role for a parent to take on in relation to homework is parent-teacher communication. It’s important to communicate with the teacher just how well your child understands his/her assignments. This is beneficial so that the teacher can gauge how well the information is being retained by the students. Having good communication with your child’s teacher will help you stay updated on how your child is doing in the classroom. Every child learns differently and every effort should be made to ensure that the information is being taught in a way that is helpful for your child.

     As much as homework is dreaded, it can be conquered. Sit down and get a game plan ready for this coming year! It won’t be long until class is back in session and homework is due again!

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